Introducing Skins

Skins are unique snap on patches which are interchangeable between your garms.

Each one is unique out of a complete limited run and will NEVER be repeated.

So when we're all out, the only way to get hold of them is to get trading.

Skins Explained


We have an ever growing collection of skins, each skin issue is different and can be identified by its issue number in the bottom left of the patch. (eg: #001)

Each issue is a complete limited edition, this can be identified by the edition number in the bottom right of the skin. (eg: 01/25)

How to get skins

We do not and will not, EVER, sell skins.

They are completely free and come with every eligible garm at random.

If the garm is freshly picked from our latest collection or specified promotion, you will receive a skin from that collection / promotion.

If the garm is from a previous collection, you will receive a random skin from the entire backlog.

Look out for different ways to get extra bonus skins with your order!

Juicy ways to get skins

There are more ways to get a hold of the juiciest and rarest skins.

Not all our skins are available through orders.

We announce on our Insta when we are going to be at an upcoming Gig or Event. Where if you can find us we will give you a freshly picked random skin, specific to that event, That will never be repeated.

Can we just address that for a second. That will be a random event specific skin that only you and others who went to that event will be able to get a hold of.

No one else in the world will be able to get it. and it's free if you can find us at the event.

These skins will be shown on our Insta and our site just to tease the bitter 99.99% who will never be able to acquire the first owner skin.

New Skins And Our Entire Collection

Check out our entire collection of skins HERE!

Keep up to date on our ever growing collection and how to get your hands on the rarest and juiciest skins on Insta @lemonco.skins