At Loot & Tie we help a lot of people to support themselves so they can live a lifestyle that benefits other people. Such as entertainers, content creators and social influencers

If you are one of the above then great news!

We have two partnership plans

To allow you to help fund your lifestyle in a way that builds communities and helps to further your reach.

We do this by helping you to create your own set of merchandise.

Your Label is your line of merchandise. How you want it to be. You can either submit your own designs or have us create them for you to your description. And have them on your desired products; T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, Beanies, Caps, Posters and more. All tailored to your preferences.

We deal with everything for you so all you can continue with your lifestyle without having to worry about issues.

We host your Label, we process orders and transactions and we handle the supply, fulfilment and delivery of the products.

Now the important part. How much does it cost, and how will I benefit.

We do not charge a fee for our services! This means that you will never be out of pocket when you become a partner. We mean this, there are no hidden fees for our standard or prime partnership programs.

You will benefit from our automatic affiliate scheme. You will automatically be sent a percentage of all profits from products in your Label, plus additional for purchases made from your affiliate links.


Partnership Plans



How to apply

To become a prime partner you can either apply or be selected.

Anyone can be selected by our team if we feel that you align with our requirements.

In order to apply to become a prime partner you will need to have a minimum of 10'000 follower in at least 1 of the following; YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. If you do not meet these requirements you will not be eligible for application.

You can apply by email:

Your message must include links to your:

- YouTube Channel

- Twitter Account

- Instagram Account

- Any other notable social media account.

We will process your request and contact you with further information regarding the next steps.

Best of luck!